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April 4th, 2013

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December 11, 2012: Mom says i’ve been really good- I saw a few presents with my name on it, I hope its tennis balls! Have a great holiday season! Merry Christmas, woof woof!

November 18, 2012: It was my Aunty’s birthday and I remembered she loves pumpkin! Guess what Aunty? I love pumpkin too and mommy bought me a stash- so I decided to share some! I asked mom to write up a one of her awesome pumpkin smoothie recipes, that I could attach to the gift. Hope you like it Aunty! I went to her birthday party yesterday, near the Honolulu Zoo, and I met sooo many dogs and puppies! I will ask mom to upload a pix of me and my new german shepherd pup friend Brooklyn.. Happy Birthday Aunty!

November 14, 2012: What an inspiring day I had!! I went with one of the Hawaii CAN trainers for a presentation at the Wounded Warrior program out in Schofield this afternoon. Everyone loved me and one of the therapists there observed my interactions with one of the soldiers with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and said that I brought something healing and therapeutic that he would never be able to offer in a traditional session! The look in the soldiers eyes said it all! It absolutely warms my little heart when I can make people feel special and immediately create a bond that can only be felt between a human and a dog.

November 13, 2012: Omg! Mom found this picture of us training at Times Supermarket! Its been a few months since I took that pix! I think I was only four months old at the time!

I hope you all had a nice Veteran’s Day weekend! I spent my weekend relaxing with foster mom, she brought me to the park early Saturday morning to play with my usual group of puppy friends.. I will try to remind mom to bring her camera next time to get a pix of all of us playing together. My friend Cozy loves to play chase-master! She’s pretty quick, I can never catch her! After a nice long three-day weekend, I was ready to head back to work this morning to see the patients at the hospital. They give me so much love, it inspires me to continue my work.. My brother Max and I got a nice sudsy bath, thank you Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) folks! But shhh…. I overheard one of the class facilitators say that we had to get a bath because our paws were too dirty from digging holes. Oops! Anyway, pretty pooped now, moms fluffing my bed right now, so gonna hit the sack for the night. Wish me luck for tomorrow afternoon- I’m headed to the Wounded Warriors program at Schofield Barracks for a presentation! Excited to meet new people! Goodnight!

November 7, 2012: I went to dinner at Denny’s restaurant last night where they featured specials from the “Hobbitt” movie, any Hobbitt fans out there?! Here, I’m being on my best behavior under the table while mom had dinner with some friends!

Another one of the skills I learned from our Hawaii CAN trainers- to walk over metal grates without getting scared/distracted. Most dogs don’t like this, as this would pose as a “false floor”, but not me!

November 3, 2012: Happy Saturday! This morning, I went on another “Photo Walk” with my aunty and uncle photographers out in Haleiwa. I enjoyed the nice walk around the historic town, and ended my afternoon with them by doing a little Service Dog work. So I strapped my Hawaii CAN service vest on and my gentle leader, and began my work! Here is a pix of my “under” command. When i’m paired with a person with a physical disability, I don’t want to be in the way of a walkway or aisle, so I lay quietly under my owner. Visitors admired me from afar and later approached foster mom about our organization! I’m an example and love to help mom educate the public and bring awareness about our SD organization!

Here is another picture of me “working”! We are sitting outside Aoki’s Shave Ice in Haleiwa. As you may (or may not) know, a portion of our training consists of socialization. I’m tickled pink when children approach me and aren’t afraid to give me a gentle pet on the head! I make them laugh when I give them kisses!

October 31, 2012: I hope everyone has arrived safely home after that freeway fiasco! I slept most of the way home from work, went into a deep sleep and had puppy dreams of yummy doggie treats tonight! I had such a fun day at work today, we dressed up and paraded around the hospital! Maya, my chocolate lab friend was a pretty princess, her big brother Oliver was a busy bumble bee, my big brother Max was a pirate and I was a banana split! My doggie friends also enjoyed the pumpkin I helped mom carve the other night! Happy Halloween to everyone and have a safe night!!

October 30, 2012: Look at what foster mom and I made last night! I helped mom carve my very first pumpkin! I kept sniffing at the pumpkin seeds, but mom swapped them out for some good ol’ doggie treats, which were just as yummy! Can’t wait to put on my Halloween costume tomorrow!

Spooooky!!! Although no puppy nightmares from me! But foster mom did give me extra snuggles before tucking me in late last night. Heehee!! Hope all my four-legged friends have a safe and spooktacular Halloween! Be sure to wear reflectors if you go walking around your neighborhood! Have fun, my friends!

October 23, 2012: Duke, our “Superman” Chocolate Lab, graduated Saturday night at our fundraiser event as a Therapy dog! He was officially handed over to the Kono’s, who will be bringing him to various hospitals for therapy visits in the future. Way to go Duke!! We’re so proud of you!!!

October 22, 2012: “Hooray for Howllywood”!!! Thank you to everyone who came to support our organization, we had such a blast!!! We raised alot of money and every penny of it will all be put to great use- we look forward to expanding our program development, purchasing educational material and simply to help us grow! Thank you to everyone for their continued support and donations, for it is through generous donors and volunteers like you who keep our organization alive! Here is a picture of me and my friends at the event on the oh-so-cool red carpet! There’s my walk-of-fame star!! It was so cool!!

October 20, 2012: Talk about a woof-tastic pampering session I got this morning! I got a warm sudsy bubble bath, my nails manicured, cleaned my ears and brushed my pearly whites and now its sparkling! Doesn’t my fur look so awesome?! Foster mom can’t stop hugging and kissing me because I smell so good! It’ll be a night of glitz and glam, and since its Hollywood themed, don’t forget to wear your beautiful sparkly dresses for fun! Can’t wait to see you all tonight!

October 18, 2012: Look at me, i’m a star!!! My very own “Walk-of-Fame” star and the red carpet! Just a sneak peak at whats to come this weekend at our Annual Hawaii CAN “Hooray for Howllywood” fundraiser! You won’t want to miss this!

October 16, 2012: OH! Just a friendly reminder to all my friends- this weekend is my organization’s Annual fundraiser at the Plaza Club! Please don’t forget to buy tickets to this posh event! Lots of yummy food from the buffet, silent auction, pup-parazzi photos, glitz, glam and more!! There’s still time buy tickets at our website, hawaiican.org.. Hope to see you there!!

I attended a World Wide Photo Walk in Laie on Sunday afternoon. The walk began at the Brigham Young University Hawaii campus, went through the BYUH Temple, and then ended at Hukilau Beach. It was about a two-mile walk, nice stroll in the cooler weather! After the walk ended, I went with foster mom and 6 others to El Mariachi restaurant in Kaneohe, where I was on my best behavior under the table, patiently waiting for my turn to chow down some sweet potato and kibble!

October 12, 2012: Check out these cool doggie bandana’s Grandma brought back for me from their trip to Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Park!!

“Bark Ranger”!! Arf, arf!!

October 7, 2012: My sister Haylie and I, were two of four speakers at a Brain Injury Assoc of Hawaii presentation yesterday. It was held at the Rehab Hospital of the Pacific. After our foster trainers spoke about our organization, Haylie and I demonstrated a few service skills for them! We met about a dozen new people and hope to do therapy visits there as part of our life work..

I’m super duper excited- I’m going to try paddleboarding for the first time ever today! Mom says we’re going to Haleiwa, oooh I can wait to get my toes in the sand! Check back later tonight for pictures of my paddleboarding playtime!

Look at me!!! this is my first time on the surfboard with my mom!!! This really helped with my balance, and agility. I only fell of once as I was walking on the board, but my mom picked me up, gave me a hug, and I stood back on all fours, and walked to the nose!! I had so much fun!!!

After my fun time on the water, I took a break on the shore with mom. I dug a couple of holes, found some sticks to play with, and lounged in the sun!!

At the end of the day, my dad stopped of at Matsumoto’s shave ice in Haleiwa. He got me a plain snow cone, and he had a melon one. It was so refreshing!!!!

October 5, 2012: I went to Big City Diner in Waipio with foster mom and friends! As I waited outside for our table to set, so many people admired me patiently sitting for our name to be called. They knew I was “working” so they asked to pet me before showering me with rubs and kisses! Our waiter didn’t even know I was lying under the table until we got up and left! I must have been super quiet! Yay! Mom says going unnoticed is a great service dog trait! Anyway, I’m really excited for Sunday, if the weathers nice, i’m going to go paddleboarding with mom up in North Shore! Stay tuned for some pics!

October 2, 2012: My brother Max is on vacation, and I’m a little sad. I didn’t feel like eating much the past few days. Mom spoke with Max’s dad and he too said that Max wasn’t eating very much. I can’t wait to see him next Monday when he comes back! Mom took me to play with my neighbors again. It helped to take my mind off of things for a bit, I ran like crazy with Cassie and Jackson! Below is a picture of Cassie and I.

September 27, 2012: It’s my mommy Annie’s birthday today! I made her a paw print painting. I got tired and fell asleep half way through! Anyway, I can’t wait to see her and show her all what I know! I think she’ll be very proud of me. I went to Shiro’s saimin restaurant late last night after my training at the Youth Corrections. Everyone there knows me and gave me lots of attention and hugs!

Do you like it? I used my favorite color- PINK!

September 26, 2012: Today at work, I went to the Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) program at the hospital. I got a nice sudsy bath, and also got a little bit of obedience training from the patients! I was so tired from my day, that I slept the whole way home! Mom woke me gently after we arrived home, and told me that I snored and farted a few times! (Must have been those jerky treats mom gave me before we left work!) Oops, how embarrassing! Anyway, check out my glasses! Aren’t they totally cool?! I fell asleep for a few minutes when mom snapped this picture.

September 25, 2012: Good morning friends! I hope you all have an great Tuesday! I go to one of my programs at the hospital today, Animal-Assisted Therapy… I love helping the patients and I think they love my company too. I’m really excited! Got a quick shot of my favorite food- Blue Buffalo! Thank you again Island Dog Magazine for your generous donation to our organization!!

September 19, 2012: Hi everyone!! I’ve been so busy these last few days, my oh my- where to begin to catch you all up?! Okay, my foster mommy went on a short weekend trip, so I spent the weekend with my brother Max again! We had so much fun, we went to a tennis match, boy was it hot out there! But I knew when we got home that we could run free with the wind beneath our ears! Since coming back home, i’ve begun filming my very own “Hannah” video for our annual fundraiser next month! I’m very excited for you all to see it! Please don’t forget to buy tickets to this spectacular posh event!!

Despite one of the longest days i’ve ever had, today was such an exciting one! It all began bright and early, mommy gave me a gentle tummy rub to wake me up, as I had to get ready for my first big time media debut with KHON2 news “WakeUp 2day” show! I made sure to comb my curli-que hairs behind my ears, and brushed my pearly whites, got a quick bite to eat, and we were out the door. I got to meet pretty lady Olena Heu, our interviewer! She is so nice! Check out the link below and look at all the love and hugs I got in that short news segment! I love being me! Then I was off to work at the hospital.. did my usual Wednesday routine and rested quietly for about two hours before I headed into town for a presentation I participated in for the Brain Injury Assoc of Hawaii at Rehab Hospital of the Pacific. They learned alot about the organization I belong to, and I hope to create a partnership with them soon! I can bring my sister, Haylie or my other sister, Hina, and we can do some therapy visits, or my therapy dog friend who also belongs to HCAN, Duke! He loves to visit the folks over at Tripler’s Center For Aging (CFA). Anyway, I got to meet so many people today, one of my favorite things to do! Well folks, its nearing my bedtime, and mom just fluffed my bedding for me, it looks like the perfect place to plop down for the night.. Please click here to see my news film debut! Goodnight! Zzz….

September 14, 2012: Happy Birthday to me! I’m five months old! Brother Max has invited me to sleep over his house for the weekend, yay!!! He has a new dog house, its really nice and big!

I did some service-dog training in the park yesterday, boy was there a lot of distractions- baseball practice, children yelling, people walking small dogs, but I stayed very focused on my trainer mommy. In this picture, we’re working on loose-leash walking, I stay right beside her and do as she asks. People watched as I was working.. It was very rewarding with all the hugs and kisses at the end!

September 12, 2012: Good morning! I went to my friends house yesterday, and found out that one of my “golden” friends went to “Rainbow Bridge” this past weekend. I’m very sad, but mom reminded me to be happy knowing he’s in a comfortable place. He was such a happy dog, I remember jumping over him as I did wind sprints in their yard when I was younger, and he wouldn’t even budge! I also remember laying on his tail once, but the kind heart he was- let me lay. After we got home, I was showered with hugs and kisses by mom all night as she teared.. Its events like this that really make us realize just how short and precious life is, huh? To all you doggie owners and to my four-legged friends, please go home tonight and hug your family.. And to my great furry friend- RIP….
I didn’t take any pictures yesterday, but mom found one from a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy.

September 10, 2012: Getting my exercise for the day, even though I played all day with my brother Max at work! I love running in the park! Too bad the rain came and chased me out! I think i’m going to visit my three “golden” buddies next door tomorrow, they always enjoy my company! I’ll remember to have a picture snapped of us! See you tomorrow! P.S. Don’t forget about purchasing tickets for our annual fundraiser, it’ll be lots of fun!

September 6, 2012: I wanted to invite you all to our Hawaii Canine Assistance Network annual fundraiser! I’m really excited about it, and can’t wait till the night arrives! You can find me and a few other service dogs in training (SDIT), showing off our stuff in this night of old Hollywood glitz and glam!! There will be an awesome buffet, games, door prizes, silent auction, and much much more! Please, please, please join us for this fabulous night! Best part is- half of your ticket sale is tax deductible! I can’t wait to walk down the “red carpet”! Please check out our Hooray for Howllywood page for more info. Proceeds help support our organization with programming, funding, raising us SDITs, and so much more! Thank you all for your support, as we are completely volunteer-run.. Hope to see you all there!

September 5, 2012: Hi everyone! I just got home from my looong Wednesday! My youth-trainers were so proud of me today! They taught me how to “touch” a light switch, which will help me learn to turn lights on, push elevator buttons, and open doors for people in wheelchairs! I also learned to tug on ropes that open cabinet doors! I cannot WAIT to start retrieving medicine bottles and bottles of water from cabinets! I’m pretty tired, so i’m going to get some kibble in my tummy and hit the sack! Goodnight!

September 4, 2012: What a weekend I had! I spent the whole weekend with my brother Max, and we played into the wee hours of the night! I wish I had pictures to show you, but I was so occupied with the company, I plum forgot! Thank you Max for the slumber party this weekend! Labor day Monday was a quiet restful day for me. Spent the day with foster mom and dad at home. Went to work today at the hospital, and did a little bit of training there with the patients. After I got home, I was eager to get my nose into my small garden. Mom bought some lavender, and a small tomato bush. While mom had her hands full with the tomato plant, I used a training skill I learned called “get it”, and brought the pot to mom for replanting. I love helping her!

This purple flower looks interesting… Its very tiny, yet has a very pungent smell… Mom said its Lavender … Hmm… I feel very relaxed and calmed. I think i’ll go lay down now……. Zzzzz………

August 31, 2012: I hope you all have a GREAT three-day weekend! Please spend it with family and friends, as life is way too short to let these precious opportunities pass us by.. I will be spending the weekend at my brothers house, i’m so excited! Maybe we can stay up late and I can teach him how to make pupcakes, heehee! The last time I made pupcakes, I used banana.. Hmm, how does sweet potato sound? Or carrots?! Sounds mouth-watering to me! When I come back, i’ll tell you all about my weekend! Gotta go pack my bags now, he’s picking me up soon!! See ya!

August 30, 2012: Hi everyone! I’ve been so tired from my long day Wednesday training day! Our youth trainers at the youth correctional facility do such an awesome job with me and the rest of our service dogs in-training (SDITs). I listen closely to what commands they ask of me. They are very patient, and love to smile when I perform the command that they ask. I look forward to these days even though I spend a large chunk of the next day catching up on my beauty sleep! I wanted to quickly share with you about our “Give Aloha” fundraiser that my organization has in partnership with Foodland/Sack ‘N Save/Foodland Farms. When you use your Maika’i Card, Foodland will match your donation up to $249! We are a charitable non-profit organization, completely volunteer-run, and thrives off of generous supporters like you, so please stop by! You will see me on occasion fronting Foodland, along with some of my brothers and sisters and other dogs from HawaiiCAN from time to time. I encourage you to stop by and meet us, as i’d love to meet you! Please bring you mom and dad, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, even your children! I love children, and i’ve learned early on to be very gentle.. I will keep you posted when I go down to Foodland and spread my “aloha”! Thank you all for your support! Everything is “pawsible” with generous people like you!

August 28, 2012: My typical Sunday morning:

  • Wake at 4:00am
  • Catch a sunrise
  • Eat breakfast at Sweet E’s Cafe
  • Play in the park with my 4-legged friends
  • Nap………

Everyone needs a R&R day right??? The sunrises are very pretty, and its a reminder of how blessed we are just to be alive!!

August 27, 2012: Well, so much fun on the weekend, but I also look forward to the work week too! Foster Dad took this picture of foster mom and I after a 45-minute training session in the park after work one day. She was so proud of me and what i’m learning, and treated me with tons of hugs and kisses! I am learning to do ‘retrieves’ which will be useful for someone who is in a wheelchair and unable to pick items up off the ground. I’m also learning to “touch” target sticks, which in turn, will lead me to turn on light switches. These are just a few more commands i’m learning, in addition to the dozens I already know! I look forward to Wednesdays at the HI Youth Correctional Facility, where I do extended training with the youth trainers!

Today at work, as part of the Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) program, I went with several patients from the hospital to a nearby park for exercise. I enjoy walking with them, just as much as they love having me. The patients always tell mom how much they love to see me and cannot wait to work with me again! I’m so glad that I can help them to express empathy, compassion and pure joy.. Ahh, the van ride back to the hospital was fun- lots of breeze under my ears!

Oh my gosh! Mom just found this picture of me when I was about a month old! I went on a nature hike with some friends, and was exposed to the great outdoors- but of course, exercised with extreme caution not to put me on the ground since I was too young and didn’t have all of my puppy shots. I socialized with people on the hike, took in all the sights, sounds and smells of the forest right from the comfort of my own sling! Too bad I don’t fit in it anymore! That was fun!

August 26, 2012: Foster dad got up early. Mom is getting ready. Waiting for the day to start. I overheard them talking about going to Sea Life Park today… I hope we are going. If we do go, I hope to do a lot of socializing with not only the adults, but the children as well. I am trying to hide my excitement as I wait patiently in the doorway………

This was super cool!! I saw dolphins for the first time, and they’re beautiful! They did all kinds of tricks and splashed water! I was so intrigued! There were alot of people walking around me, and I got a few accidental bumps, but that didn’t phase my concentration..

My favorite part of the day was meeting these three young children from Seattle. They approached me calmly and asked to pet me. My tail began to wag as I sniffed their hands. They told me that they have a 3-year old Golden Retriever, just like me, back home. Although there were alot of hands touching my face and ears, lots of different voices; I wasn’t the least bit frightened. I can’t wait to meet new people!

WHEW! What a long 12-hour day! Went to Sea Life Park, Ala Moana Mall, and Magic Island.. I was so excited to see dolphins for the first time, I could barely sit still in the looong car ride over! There were alot of people walking around, children running and playing, and loud music, talk about distractions!

I got home a few hours ago, gobbled up my puppy kibble and yogurt dinner, and now i’m pooped! Goodnight!

August 21, 2012: My foster parents took me for my first of many trips up to the North Shore!! I cant wait to get in the water on the stand up board!!

August 19, 2012: My nose always brings me to the delicious-smelling aromas in the kitchen when mom bakes. I always sit down near her feet and watch as she mixes batters for cakes, pies and cupcakes. It’s Lucy’s birthday, Lucy is my neighbor. She’s a 1yr old Boston Terrier. I asked mom if she could help me bake up some banana “pupcakes” to share with our neighborhood friends. So I put on my pink cupcake apron and got busy! Topped it off with yogurt frosting, and voila! They didn’t last long! Don’t they look delicious?!!

May 12, 2012: Happy birthday to me! I’m one month old. A few days ago, my siblings and I took our first car ride — it was a little bumpy but I held down my lunch and didn’t cry in my crate (unlike Hunter and Harley). Ugh! When we finally arrived, we were at the Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility. What an ordeal for all of the Hawaii CAN trainers! I watched from my crate as they carried mops, buckets, bleach, tarps, booties, hand sanitizers, and training equipment into the boys` gym. When I finally stepped out of my crate, the gym was sparkling clean and disinfected…no parvo-virus for us! Then something awesome happened…we met our youth trainers from HYCF for the first time — oh boy, so much love! I enjoyed the tons of hugs and kisses! The HYCF trainers were phenomenal…it really isn’t easy to train one month old pups. One of my trainers taught me how to touch a large tap light with my nose. Another one taught me to lie down under a step stool — that lessen will come in handy if I am one day paired with someone who has a desk job. I can’t wait until we come back next time!

May 5, 2012: My first taste of goat’s milk paste at training today…YUM! I figured out that when I hear a “click” from the trainer’s clicker, I’m going to get a lick of milk. I think they like it when I follow their fingers, step onto a litle surface, and then sit down to rest. I definitely got a lot of “clicks” for doing these things for them. I can’t wait to play this game tomorrow! Who wouldn’t want their own cheerleading squad and lots of ono treats!?! Oh funny thing happened during my meal today. I snuggled up on momma when I started to hear lots of strange noises from a grey box on the table! I heard lots of clanging, popping, and whistling sounds, then barking, clucking and mooing too. What kind of weird box is that? Oh well — nothing to fear as momma are food were here. Okay, I’m going to nap in our comfy new crate now…ahhh!

April 21, 2012: One week old and double my weight! The Hawaii CAN trainers initiated a “Biosensor Program” with me at three days of age — they seem to be impressed that I don’t cry or wriggle when I’m laid on the cold towel, when my toes are touched, and when I am held carefully in awkward positions! My eyes are beginning to open and I’m quite aware of shadows — the big ones must be my brothers (they eat any time they are not sleeping)! My trainers have also introduced a few new surfaces to me — metal grating, aluminum foil, and bubble wrap were definitely some of the more entertaining ones!

April 14, 2012: Hello, world! I made my big debut at 7:07 a.m. today; I weighed in at 16.1 ounces. I am the fourth born pup in my litter and have three brothers and three sisters: Helios, Harry, Hunter, Haylie, Hina and Harley. After letting me nurse and nap, I got a much needed pedicure from one of the Hawaii CAN trainers. Annie, my wonderful momma, gave me a nice warm tongue bath. (That’s me in the white collar!)

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