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April 4th, 2013

Welcome to my blog!! My name is Hannah, or Hannah Banana as my foster mom likes to call me. I am part of Hawaii CAN’s newest class of Service Dogs in Training. In this blog I will share all the fun and interesting things I experience during my journey to become a Service Dog.

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March 4, 2013: Waiting for the rain to pass so I can play outside…..

I went on a public access/socialization outing on Saturday at Ward Center! I attend these outings two Saturdays out of the month for about an hour, and we walk around the shopping center with our trainers and volunteers visiting various merchants and boutiques. These outings not only help us Service Dogs In-Training increase our socialization, but also to expose us to the public and different environments. We can put our skills to the test, showing off off what we’ve learned in our training sessions! Once we’re placed with a person with a physical disability, these commands will come in handy when we’re with them in public. I can’t wait till I can help someone one day!

Here’s another picture from our outing at Ward. With me, is my younger sister Haylie and my friend Donut, the Chocolate Lab. We finished making our rounds in the stores, and wrapped up our session with a little break. We worked hard, as you can see!

February 28, 2013: Last week, I went with two Hawaii CAN trainers to conduct a home visit for a potential Service Dog recipient. This was my first home visit and I was so happy that I could bring happiness to the family! The children gave me a ball and we played and giggled all through! Their mom and dad watched with smiles on their faces, and before we left, they took pictures. The person in need of a Service Dog smiled and felt motivated to get better. I’m so happy that I can bring this kind of joy to one’s life!

February 24, 2013: Good morning friends! Here are my neighborhood friends that I play with every weekend in the park. We played hard chasing tennis balls and sticks, played “chase master” with one of the smaller (and quicker) dogs, and did a bit of good ‘ol wrestling.. Here, we’re showing off our basic “sit” command for a yummy treat!

Oh, exciting news- I participated in a home visit the other day for a client in need of a service dog. It was very touching, but exciting for me, as I can’t wait for Hawaii CAN to take the next step in the placement process for this client!

February 3, 2013: As most New Year’s resolutions are to eat healthier, so was foster mom and dad’s. So I tried it too. I tried eating a piece of romaine lettuce this morning for the first time. It was definitely the last.

January 30, 2013: Hi everyone! Foster mom finally cleared the computer glitches and i’m back online, yay! I missed you all during the past few weeks! As you know, the weather’s been windy and rainy, but i’ve been lucky to sleep indoors in my warm, fluffy bed. Anyway, Hawaii CAN kicked off 2013 with a wonderful volunteer-appreciation potluck, and programming has begun at several different facilities, very exciting! My brother Max and I went to the Youth Correctional Facility, where we did therapy visits to all the boys’ modules. Many of the boys recognized Max and I, however couldn’t believe how much we’ve grown since they last saw us in November! Some of the skills they trained us for are very handy when we do therapy visits.. Brother Max and I also did a therapy visit to the Wounded Warriors at the Family Training Facility out at Schofield Barracks. It was incredibly heart-warming to see those men and women smile at us. We got so many kisses, belly rubs, one of the men even took Max and I on a short walk around the building! Oh, and they gave us tennis balls to play with! We totally lost track of time and stayed wayyy past our visiting hour, but no one seemed to mind! Sometimes after I come home from my training and have my turkey soup and kibble dinner, I like to watch the Pet Hui. I like to learn about other dog breeds, as I pass many different kinds of dogs on daily walks around the neighborhood.

I was on a socialization outing at Ruby Tuesday’s Restaurant, and while I was waiting for others to arrive, I practiced my “under” command. This is a Service Dog skill that is useful, i’m still near my person but out of the way of foot traffic.

January 7, 2013: Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season! Mom’s been busy, and finally had a moment to post a few pics from our holiday outings.. This is the reindeer antlers she bought for me. Two sizes too small (obviously), I had to let her know somehow..

Here we are walking down a residential street in Waikele, a few days before Christmas. Every house was decorated with lights, made me think of Holiday Lane! She made me wear my antlers of two sizes too small, but when I see people, I cannot contain myself- I get happy!

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