Meet our Trainees

April 18th, 2012


Annie is destined to fill big shoes as Hawaii CAN’s first “mommy” dog despite her small stature. In addition to becoming service dog graduates, many of Annie’s progeny will become hearing dogs, skilled companion dogs, and in-home companion dogs. Annie also serves as a therapy dog and visits with the veterans residing at the Center For Aging of the Tripler Army Medical Center, bringing comfort and smiles to our honored veterans each time.

Lab puppies

Hawaii CAN’s newest recruits are four lab puppies born on Valentine’s day 2011. Their names are Dobash, Duke, Daisy, and Donut. They are eager to learn and are off to a great start with their training.


Ele is a yellow lab who was generously donated to Hawaii CAN by Summit Assistance Dogs, an organization in Anacortes, Washington, that also raises and trains assistance dogs. She has been living with a Hawaii CAN foster in Washington and we are very excited for her arrival to Hawaii in June. We have heard many wonderful things about her from her family and “friends” in the community, and can’t wait for her to start our training program.

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